Adventure Time – Gone Wrong

The first time back on the Hagcraft v1.0 server since this blog has been setup. Had 3 of us on last night. Myself (Petey1990) along with Tomox02 and Boytrooper64.

We met with the impression of building something huge and ‘epic’ however a 4 block high clock tower was the best we could think of that we all could make. So we decided to follow in the footsteps of Bdubs and Generik (Found here: and go on an adventure with little resources and tools to find whatever it was we could. But still no 1.6 update so no hope of horses just yet.

So we all stocked up with stone tools, bows, arrows, bit of stone and dirt and off we went.  Heading through our Nether portal and down Tomox’s path back to the overworld on the threshold between a tiaga and a forest biome some 2000 blocks from home.

We headed south, cause it looked the best bet at the time, only to very quickly lose Boytrooper due to ravines and cave and the amount of trees in the way.  Night then very quickly set in and he began to panic as the Skeletons crept up and began their onslaught, much to Boytrooper’s frustration and mine and Tomox’s amusement.  We had to go save him!  But we weren’t quick enough.

Death number 1

Leaving the skeleton confused as he continued to unload his entire quiver into the cave wall.  We collected his belongings, (which included 7 stacks of cobble?!) and looked to find somewhere safe for the night, only for a creeper to chase me and blow up throwing me into the ravine.

2nd death of the night in the space of 2 minutes!

I ran back down the tunnel again to come and help out Tomox, who by now was being mauled by every mob under the sun (even though it was night).  I returned to the battlefield to see ‘Tomox02 was slain by a Zombie’

Death number 3, and we hadn’t even gone 200 blocks from home!

So now I’m left, in a cave, in a ravine, with a chest full of other people’s stuff (and lots of cobble), surrounded by thousands of mobs (exaggeration) waiting til morning and some sort of rescue mission.

I love Minecraft


The Premise

So the current Hagcraft server has been running seamlessly for about 3 months, however, with the new 1.6 update coming for Minecraft a new, fresh approach is to be taken, starting from scratch.

I intend to keep this blog updated as regularly as I visit the new Hagcraft v2.0, updating with new discoveries, the new builds and possibly the pitter-patter of tiny hoofs.

In the time between now and the introduction of 1.6, Hagcraft v1.0 will continue to run and may even get some entries in here.

Happy crafting!